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My name is Duncan Green, this is my sole business based in Keelby and you will deal only with myself.
Should you get a problem with your PC or Laptop simply ring me on 01469-569929, it is an answering machine, just leave your name and number and I'll ring you back.

Watch the video here for an overview of what I do.

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The principle of my business is to offer a low cost support by easy monthly payments of just 6.35 a month. This way you get peace of mind that whatever your problem  you are covered by me to repair it where I come to your home at your convenience.

I can also supply free software to protect your PC, whether this be from Viruses, Spyware or Hacking.

Also included in your subscription is unlimited realtime back up of your data through the Internet Business Livedrive. This would normally cost 3.00 a month, but you are provided this free by me as part of your membership with Countryside Computers.

If you live outside my area, I do a lower cost version of support where I use remote access, telephone and email to repair your PC but this does not include the home visits. This means distance is no barrier and I even have some customers in other countries. This is priced at 3.00 which also includes your free Livedrive subscription as well.

Not only that but you get a Printed Newsletter delivered each twice yearly which has articles and tutorials for a range of abilities included in your membership.

Please look at the video page for some guidance on Livedrive and other information.

95% or more of my business is by personal recommendation .

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