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If your like me. you want to know the cost without wading through the whole site first, hopefully you have read the home page and please read the rest of the site.

The cost of subscription is 6.35 per month. This is paid by Direct Debit

What it covers

There are all sorts of problems that you can experience when using your PC, some are hardware related, i.e. dead as a dodo and some are software related ie No Internet access.

You are covered for what I class as problems beyond the average users skill level, and what your not covered for is the general operation of your PC.

For example;

A pop up appears saying your PC is infected with Spyware
You can make the connection to the Internet but can't get any pages to display.
Can't get the printer to work.

These are typical problems that you should contact me about.

Other examples for what you are not covered for are;
How do I build a web site
How do I edit pictures in Paint Shop Pro
How do I burn music to CD

I can offer some pointers on advice on the Internet for the above.

Subscription does not cover the costs of any parts required to repair your PC

Typical call outs include

  • No Internet connection

  • User Profile not loading
  • Virus infection

  • Slow running pc

  • Porn on pc

  • Printing problems

  • Upgrades

  • Loss of email

  • PC not starting

  • Blue screens

  • Rebooting PC

  • PC lockups

  • Pop Up adverts

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