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IT Services

My services are generally for consumer use but i will do small businesses on request. Any problem you have that relates to computers or Internet comes under my services.

Pricing Structure

Most of my clients are on a maintenance service support package which covers all labour and call out charges for any problem as well as Liverdrive backup software. However see below for the full pricing.

All subscription packages are paid by direct debit.

Pay as you go

One off call outs are £30.00 call out which covers up to 30 minutes of labour. Labour charged at £30.00 per hour there-after.

Remote Access £20 for the first 30 minutes.

Livedrive basic account £3.00 per month.

Automatic backup software by Secure backup at over 50% discount.

Full support at just £6.35 per month

Covers telephone, email, remote access support, labour and call out.

Also included is Livedrive backup software.

So any problem with your computer or peripherals or your Internet or emails, we will sort it out at no charge apart from any parts that may be required.

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Extra detail

LiveDrive explained

We partner withLivedrive is a company that specialises in automatic backup software. With the packages on offer through 9cc you can save a significant amount from using us rather than buying direct.

A monthly account direct from Livedrive costs £6.99 a month which is more than our support package as a whole. Details of their services can be seen here